Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonky Eyes

I've worn corrective lenses since I was about 9 years old. Since I can remember I haven't been able to function without glasses or contacts. I wore glasses until Sophomore year of high school and then finally got contacts. I love love love my contacts. And that would probably be why I was just diagnosed with chronic contact overuse. Ugh so no contacts for a long time.

I could be super bummed about this but I've decided to embrace the new look and take really good care of my eyes. So on Saturday I went to an eye doctor while on vacation thinking I just had an infection. On Thursday they got super red and itchy so as soon as I could I found an appointment. I went to this random eye glass place that was open late on a Saturday and found out that glasses would be the new me. I'm really not super fond of glasses but am looking forward to the change. I chose 2 pairs since one needed to be made immediately with polycarbonate lenses and the other had to be shipped off for special high def lenses and fancy anti- scratch, anti-glare and computer stuff. The every day ones which I will have in a few weeks are a really pretty brown with pink inside and the fun ones are nerdy black with green inside. Apparently the black ones are super trendy. And the real kicker is their both Juicy Couture. Which honestly is something that I could care less about and I really just liked both of the glasses.

So 4 drops a day of antibiotics with steroids and 4 drops of lubricating drops a day I should be able to give my eyes an apparent much needed break. Tomorrow I'm off to see my optomologist and get her point of view. Which I'm sure is I need to take better care of myself which is something I already new. Oh and Mady is totally tripping on the new glasses. In closing here is a lovely pic of my wonky eyes and my little cutie.

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